Even the sleekest potato mashers can take up considerable room in a kitchen drawer. And when you’re strapped for space, that’s a real problem. Now, MasterClass has come up with a smart solution to help your reclaim your kitchen storage.

From a quick glance it might look just like a potato masher. Look closer and you’ll see it’s far smarter than that. This Smart Space masher makes light work of potatoes, parsnips and more – transforming them into smooth, lump-free mash. But, here’s the clever bit – unlike a regular potato masher, its handle folds completely flat, for easy storage in a drawer. Mash in big bowls or large saucepans, it’s no trouble for this folding potato masher. The large mashing plate’s rounded edges slide seamlessly into curves and contours, so no veg gets missed.

Finished with a soft-grip coated handle, this clever food masher makes mashing anything but a pain!

Dishwasher safe