Nostik Reusable Oven Liner 40x50cm

Keeping your oven and microwave clean is trouble free with the NoStik Reusable Non-Stick Oven Protector.

The Teflon non-stick coating on this reusable oven protector ensures you no longer have to scrub your oven or microwave to remove baked-on food residue. Say goodbye to messy drips, splashes and tedious cleanup on your oven tray and bottom stay when you have the NoStik oven protector.

Key Features:

Reusable and reversible oven protector liner that collects all splashes and baking residue to ensure your oven base stays clean

Features Teflon non-stick coating that ensures quick food release and easy cleanup

Comes with an exclusive silver colour that reflects heat

Can be cut to a desired shape and size to fit your needs

Suitable for use in the microwave, hot-air, grill, gas and electric oven


Construction BPA-free Teflon non-stick coating

Dimensions 40cm x 50cm

Microwave safe Yes

Oven safe Yes, up to 260C

Colour Silver

Cleaning and care Let the oven cool first before removing the liner Liner is dishwasher safe

Excludes oven and foods


Shipping 1 x Nostik Reusable Oven Liner 40x50cm