Claire Bowman – Rosie 3D Cake Lace mat floral arrangement with an intertwining mesh overlay.

The Rosie 3D Lace Mat is a brand new style of mat; a 3D Lace mat! Due to the different depths of the design in the mat, any lace you create with this mat will have natural 3D highlights. Use this with Cake Lace, to apply beautiful edible lace to wedding cakes, celebration cakes, or anything else!

The beauty of Cake Lace, once it has been made, is that it will stay moist and pliable for many months to allow you to create masterpieces that may take a period of time.

You can attach Cake Lace by brushing a tiny amount of water onto your fondant (sugarpaste) and gently pressing your Cake Lace onto this.

size 13 x 13 x 1 cm


Cake not included

Ingredients sold separately