Vinturi Wine Pourer with Chilling Rod

Wine and champagne have been enjoyed for centuries. Vinturi developed a wine aerator in 2006 to decant wine so that the tanins and harsh aromas would mellow. The idea behind that first aerator was to speed up the process.

From there, Vinturi expanded into other wine accessories so that wine could be enjoyed with the most alluring flavours preserved.

The company is highly respected and has received critical acclaim in prestigious magazines around the world.

All you need is the Wine Pourer with Chilling Rod. It’s basically a two in one, so you can pour the perfect glass of wine and cool it before you do.

Wine Pourer with Chilling Rod features:
Designed in the USA.
Made from stainless steel and silicone.
Fits most wine bottles.
Chills for up to two hours.
Designed to minimise and eliminate drips.
Hand wash only.

Box measurements: 6cm (w) x 2.9cm (d) x 34.5cm (h)

Shipping 1 x Vinturi Wine Pourer with Chilling Rod