Betty Bossi Veggie Sheet Slicer

Carefully slice a rolling sheet of apples, zucchini, and many more using the Betty Bossi Veggie Slicer. This one of a kind, hand-operated kitchen tool makes slicing of hard fruits and vegetables easy and guarantees even, fresh sheets, perfect for reinventing many classic dishes. Use zucchini sheets instead of pasta to make a yummy lasagna, or beetroot sheets instead of corn tortilla to create a fresh wrap. It’s perfect for easy, low-carb meals.

Key Features:

Designed to slice vegetables and fruits into wafer-thin sheets, making a great alternative to heavy carbs and greasy chips

Does not require batteries or electricity and is effortless to use with the right amount of hand force

Suitable to use on fruits and veggies with a size of 11cm, otherwise should be trimmed and cut down for ease of use

Perfect for slicing up all sorts of hard produce from zucchini to beets to apples and many more

Comes with a recipe booklet containing many reinterpreted everyday dishes to try at home