Loyal Prep and Bake Mat Silicone 585x385mm

Dimensions: 585x385mm
Material: Woven Fibreglass coated with heavy duty premium food grade silicone
Temperature range: -40°C to + 250°C
Re usable in oven up to 3000 times
European & FDA Compliant
Odour resistant, hygienic, does not harbour bacteria
Freezer, microwave and oven safe
Easy to clean and maintain, just wash with hot water and detergent and hang to dry
Easy to store flat or rolled
Professional grade product used in bakeries, patisseries and by cake decorators
Must have tol for avid home bakers
Perfect for baking, rolling dough, fondant and sugar work
Brand: Loyal Bakeware

Shipping 1 x Loyal Prep and Bake Mat Silicone 585x385mm