Le Creuset Mixing Jug Cerise Red

The French – they’re responsible for some of the best cooking in the world. So, the French created Le Creuset Stoneware, widely renowned as amongst the best in the world.

There’s no other cookware quite like Le Creuset’s Stoneware collection. You can use it in the oven, or in the microwave. You can store it away in the freezer. You can even put it under the grill if you like! There’s nothing it can’t deal with. And it’s so attractive that, after all the cooking’s done, you can use it at the table for serving your culinary creation, and then throw it in the dishwasher for cleaning. Le Creuset’s Stoneware range makes cooking so much easier…you’ll almost feel as if you’re cheating!

When you’re next mixing up a storm in the kitchen, you probably wouldn’t mind having one of Le Creuset’s Mixing Jugs at hand. Its durable stoneware construction will not absorb smells and tastes over time, and the large handle means that you can keep the Mixing Jug still as you stir (minimising cake batter splatter!) Lastly, a pouring spout makes getting batter in to baking tins easier and cleaner.

You don’t need to be French to produce delicious meals…but Le Creuset French Stoneware certainly helps!

Cerise Red Stoneware Mixing Jug features:
Made from stoneware, glazed with durable, non-porous enamel.
Resists chipping or staining.
Will not absorb flavours when cooking, storing or freezing.
Oven safe to 260ºC, microwave safe and freezer safe.
Dishwasher safe.

Colour: Cerise Red.
Capacity: 2 Litres.
Dimensions: 19cm (l) x 13cm (h) x 17cm (w).