Vacu Vin Dispenser PopSomeSnacking or “grazing” is considered by most nutrition experts to be ideal for toddlers and growing children. Tomorrow’s Kitchen Toddler Pop, Snack & Share is the perfect container to take snacks on the go!

The 100% BPA-free container is hygienic-keeping snacks safely contained in its shatter-proof housing. The premium silicone lid features the patented “Oxiloc” design: Making it simple to pop open for dispensing just the right amount of snacks, then pushing down to close and create an airtight seal. Snacks will stay fresher longer! So easy to use, toddlers can feed themselves- it’s easy for little hands to pop open and shake the ideal amount for little hands.

Buy snack foods in bulk and then carry in the Toddler Pop, Snack & Share to save money. You’ll love having control over what your child is snacking on.

Perfect for carrying nuts, cereals, raisins, diced veggies, cheese and more.

Available in pink.

Dishwasher safe.