Cuisinart Waffle Maker Vertical Electrical WAF-V100XA

Its unique vertical shape suits even your small kitchen counter and cooks your batter without the drips and leaks. Thanks to its automated alert signal and exact measuring cup, you’ll be taking the guesswork out of baking waffles and make them perfect every time, especially when topped with lots of syrup and cream.

Cuisinart Vertical Waffle Maker

No need to keep this vertical, space-efficient waffle maker hidden in a cabinet when it can neatly sit on your counter.

Thanks to its batter pour spout and exact measuring cup, your breakfast waffles come out perfectly golden every time.

Its locking handle keeps the batter in without the messy leaks and is safe to touch when taking out your cooked waffle.

Key Features:
Belgian waffle maker with a unique vertical design that comes with a batter measuring cup and recipe book for delicious ideas
Equipped with an easy-to-use dial with five settings for selecting your preferred waffle doneness
Designed with a batter pour spout and stay-cool locking handle, making the machine easy to fill and open or close
Comes with red and green indicator lights to signal machine readiness for preheating and cooking
Handy measuring cup lets you scoop and pour the perfect amount of batter without under or overfilling your waffle maker
Audible alarm lets you know when the machine is already preheated and when the waffle is cooked and ready to eat

Construction Brushed stainless steel (exterior) and
aluminium with non-stick coating (cooking plates)

Dimensions 19cm (length) x 16.5cm (width) x 31cm (height)
Weight 4kg
Cleaning and care Brush away the crumbs then wipe with a paper towel or damp cloth
Wipe the exterior clean with a damp soft cloth
Warranty 3-year limited warranty

• Vertical design – easy to fill, perfect results
• Batter pour spout for easy fill
• Bakes one round Belgian waffle
• Five-setting browning control
• Ready-to-Bake/Ready-to-Eat indicator lights
• Audible alert
• Brushed stainless steel top cover
• Measuring scoop and recipes included

Shipping 1 x Cuisinart Waffle Maker Vertical WAF-V100A