Cuisena Rotary Food Mill Moulie

The heavy duty, stainless steel Cuisena Rotary Food Mill is ideal for preparing fresh purees, sauces, soups & more. Simply place your ingredients inside the drum, choose your coarseness from one of three interchangeable heavy duty stainless steel discs, & turn the handle to create a lump-free puree in seconds. With a conveniently large 2 litre capacity, this Moulie it ideal for milling large quantities at once. Designed to fit on top of a saucepan or bowl for ease of use & disassembles for easy cleaning & compact storage

Diameter: 20.5cm
Height: 20.5cm
Excellent for making sauces, soups, purees, baby food, jams & preserves
Complete Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction
Durable stainless steel blades
Includes three discs, for a coarse, medium & fine puree

Shipping 1 x Cuisena Rotary Food Mill Moulie