Chefmaster Edible Spray Paint 42g Black

Food Safe
Gluten Free
Bleed & Fade Resistant
Made with Liqua-gel formula
Chefmaster Edible Spray Paint allows you to blast your baked creations with the colors you need to bring them to life. The 1.5 ounce can of Black Edible Spray Paint produces a true black color, making it excellent for tiny accents and large pieces alike.

The color mist will never bleed or fade when applied correctly to your frosted, iced or fondant-covered baked goods. This edible color mist is exceptionally easy to use due to its accurate nozzle and spray patterns. Just one can cover up to 96 cupcakes or four 9”x13” cakes when you apply a very light spray.

Edible Metallic Black Spray Paint 1.5oz

Easy to use.  Shake can well before use and periodically during application.   Spray is not water based. Therefore, it eliminates the chance of bleeding into the decorated area.

Dries in less than a minute.   Certified kosher.

Made in the USA.

Shipping 1 x Chefmaster Edible Spray Paint 42g Black