Avanti Mezzaluna with Chopping Board

The Avanti® brand makes the kitchen a friendly place for any chef or cooking enthusiast with their vast array of kitchenwares. Now, with their Mezzaluna Chopping Set, you can mince your vegetables, garlic, or other foods with no fuss at all!
The traditionally shaped blades on this chopping set grind through herbs like nobody’s business, allowing for quick vegetable mincing, but you can also chop and dice onions, herbs, potatoes, slice fruit, or crush cloves of garlic — there’s no limit to what you can do!And not only that, it also comes with a specially designed wooden cutting board to take care of whatever needs shredding or slicing. No more messy plates – just use the rolling board attachment to roll up ingredients while they are being chopped into teeny tiny pieces! So go ahead and chop nuts in seconds without spending hours at the counter sifting and stirring.


Stainless steel double bladed Mezzaluna
Includes wooden chopping board with bowl indentation
Comfortable double handles
Rubber base to prevent slipping

Shipping 1 x Avanti Mezzaluna with Chopping Board