Alligator Mini Chopper With Collector


Dice or slice chunks of vegetable such as cucumbers, carrots, potatoes or radishes approx. 2mm strips and cubes in a single action.

Ideal for delicious crudites and as a refined addition to soups. Keeps the work surface free of mess and your hands stay clean.

Simply put the fruit or veg in place and press down the top in one swift movement that’s all.

There’s no danger of cutting your fingers: The patented Alligator cutter does not use open blades but has an enclosed stainless steel dicing grid.

Razor-sharp grid produces perfect dice cuts.Made of sturdy plastic with a stainless-steel dicing grid

The sturdy ABS plastic encasing can be completely dismantled for cleaning.

Dicer has its own cleaning device to clean food bits from the grid and is dishwasher safe

Perfect for shallots, garlic or other small veggies you would like to dice

Measures approx. 16 x 6 x 3cm and weighs approx. 140g


Shipping 1 x Alligator Mini with Collector Original chopper