Wilton Piping Decorating Set Tri Colour ColourSwirl

Give your cupcakes rainbow-like swirls using this tri-color coupler that lets you pipe 3-different shades of icing at once.
Make tri-color swirls of icing on your cupcakes with this 3-color coupler set
Coupler makes it easy to switch tips for different techniques with the same color

Set includes: four interlocking parts (three couplers and one ring), two piping tips (1M and 1A), and six pieces of 41cm disposable piping bags

Links three separate piping bags filled with different coloured frostings to create a fun triple swirl effect in one piping motion
Lets you decorate with another compatible piping tip without having to fill another set of piping bags
Also works well with tips 2C and 4B that are sold separately

Ideal for making multicoloured shell borders, swirls, and drop flowers on cakes, cupcakes, and appetisers
Makes a great pair with the Wilton Icing Colour Set

For use with large tips 1M, 1A, 2C or 4B and 16-inch bags (not included)

Color: Purple and white
Hand wash in warm, soapy water

Shipping 1 x Wilton Piping Decorating Set Tri Colour ColourSwirl