Betty Bossi Veggie Drill – Fruit and vegetable scoop

Vegetables and fruits are easily and effectively cored or scooped with our Veggie Drill. Conjure amazing snacks and dishes with savory or sweet filling! Easy coring/scooping and eye-catching filling of fruits and vegetables

4 drilling heads with different diameters

Very versatile

Easy handling

Compact: fits in a drawer

Recipe booklet included

If you love the idea of stuffing vegetables with delicious ingredients, then it pays to have the Betty Bossi Veggie Drill. Comes with four drilling heads, this handy kitchen tool lets you tackle all sorts of fruits and vegetables in different sizes. Simply vary the amount of pressure that you apply to your produce to achieve desired thickness of the shells. When done, stuff them with a filling of your choice and serve beautifully presented food on the table.

Key Features:

Designed to hollow out fruits and vegetables, so the shell can be filled with delicious ingredients

Includes a patented handle and four differently sized circular drilling heads to suit various vegetable sizes

Twisting motion creates neat vegetable spirals, which can be used in salads, as side dishes, or for garnishing

Does not require batteries or electricity and is effortless to use with small hand force

Suitable for any kind of soft and hard produce from cauliflower to apples

Four built-in slots on the handle hold and lock in the drilling heads for easy storage

Comes with a recipe booklet containing new and exciting dishes to try at home

Construction BPA-free plastic

Dimensions 14.5cm (length) x 5.9cm (width)Drilling heads: 18mm, 24mm, 30mm, and 40mm (diameter)

Design Switzerland