Savannah Double Sided Food Tenderiser and Pounder

This Double Sided Food Tenderiser from Savannah lets you flatten meat or poultry with ease. This food tenderiser is comfortable to hold, with an ergonomic grip, while the weight of the pounder lets gravity do the work for you. With an easy, screw-on, screw-off disc mechanism, you can reverse the head to have either a pounder or tenderiser.

This handy tool has many uses: Use the smooth side for flattening meat and poultry, crushing whole cloves of garlic and the coarse side to tenderise meat.


Reversible pounder disc easily screws on or off.
Weighted pounders allow gravity to do most of the work for you.
Large surface area and close pounding accuracy affords the perfect result every time.
Rubberised, non-slip, ergonomic handle
Chrome plated zinc alloy construction.
Dishwasher Safe
10 Year Guarantee