Over the Top Multigrain 2kg Bread Mix. Make wholesome, crusty loaf of light texture with this convenient MultiGrain Bread Mix from Over the Top. It contains an exceptional balance of lightly grained multigrain flour combined with delicious essential ingredients to provide a loaf with excellent flavour. It is perfect for baking multigrain bread and rolls, easy and ready to go.

Key Features:
A convenient pre-mix for making wholesome, crusty loaves of light texture
Well-balanced with a blend of lightly grained multigrain flour and essential ingredients
Perfect for baking sandwich bread and more
Makes up to four standard-sized bread loaves
Ingredients Multigrain flour and essential ingredients
Net weight 2kg
Use and care Reseal packaging once opened or transfer the flour to an airtight container
Keep dry and store in a cool, dark place
Made in Australia

Over The Top Bread Mix – Country Multigrain 2kg

Bread Making Guide & Tips

– Place ingredients in mixer bowl.
– Mix on speed 1 until Ingredients are combined.
– Turn up speed to 2 and mix for 6-8 minutes.
– Follow steps 2-4 in ‘Knead by Hand’ method.

1. Amount of water can vary depending on Bread Machine or personal
preference, (Variation + /- 30ml, increments of 10ml). Optimal water amount is important for great bread and often more water is better than less. Start with the target amount and then based on the results increase or decrease the water up to +/- 30ml.
2. If your machine has difficulty kneading the dough, or if your loaf is too small, or has a ragged top crust, then add more water in subsequent bakes.
3. If your loaf is too large with sticky crumb and holes, then reduce the water in subsequent bakes.

1. Mix ingredients together and knead for at least 10 mins. Dough needs to be smooth and elastic.
2. Place in a large bowl to proof and cover with a damp tea towel or plastic wrap. Place bowl in a warm position until dough doubles in size (this may take up to 1.5 hours depending on temperature)
3. Knock back dough and shape into the desired loaf or divide dough evenly for baking into rolls . Place in your oiled baking tin/tray. Cover and Place back in warm position untill dough has doubled in size (about 1 hour)
4. Bake on Fan forced oven at 220°C (200 fan forced) until golden brown. Depending on size rolls take approximately 25-30 mins and loaves approx 35 mins.