Masha by Prep Mesh
Struggling to make non-lumpy mashed dishes for your family and little ones? The Masha by Prep Mesh is designed to help you create the perfect mash each time with little effort!

Carefully crafted with metal drive gears and a powerful double reduction gearbox, this handheld tool maintains a powerful yet consistent speed for perfectly creamy and smooth mash.

Built with a spring loaded mechanism, the shaft locks itself when the power unit is detached, allowing you to remove the Rotor Blade with a simple turn and click.

This tool is also designed to be hygienic as there are no nooks or crannies for ingredients to hide. With its compact and ergonomic design, the Masha will surely be a staple in your weekly meal preparations.


Perfect speed for perfect results
Built to last
Rotor-cone technology produces mash with perfect consistency
Lump-free mash
Quick release motor blade
No sneaky nooks and crannies for ingredients to hide
Easy clean
Compact design
Ergonomic grip
Dishwasher safe mesh base and rotating blade