Sachi – Lunch Tote Bag Insulated – Palm Springs


Secure zip closure

Comfortable carry handle

Leak proof

Easy to wipe clean

Details & Specifications

Take your food with you in style in this gorgeous and fashionable Sachi Insulated Lunch Bag Palm Springs. This tote bag is insulated and leak -proof and is so easy to clean by simply wiping. The Sachi Insulated Lunch Bag Palm Springs features a secure zip closure and is easy and comfortable to carry with its 2 moulded carry handles. Its large capacity means you can fit plenty food and drinks and makes it perfect for work, picnics or any outing where you need to take your food along.

Dimensions 38 x 27 x 13 cm

Colour Green

Material BPA free materials, moulded handles

Sachi Transport your lunch in style with Sachi.

Since 2008, Sachi has been producing insulated food bags so you can pack delicious healthy meals and eat them as your work and travel. With features like side zippers for keys, adjustable shoulder straps and other handy essentials, Sachi will fashionable and functionally help transport the food you want to carry to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.