Le Creuset Stoneware Spoon Rest – Marseille Blue

Whether you are stirring sauces as they simmer or serving plates at the table, the stoneware spoon rest is a decorative and convenient way to rest spoons, spatulas and ladles from sliding. The specially grooved handle rest and wide bowl contains any food still left on utensils.

The enamelled stoneware will not absorb odours, stain or discolour.

Now, even your spoon rest can make a statement beside your cooktop or when serving meals to share at the when you choose to use this 25cm striking Marseille Blue Spoon rest.
Not only will it your surfaces from accidental drips and mess, it will also show your good taste and attention to detail.

Key Features:
Made of stoneware material that does not absorb odours and flavours
Durable enamel exterior creates an impermeable barrier against metal utensils, scratches, and stains
Nearly non-stick glazed interior ensures easy food release and makes cleanup quick and easy
Designed with a specially grooved handle rest that keeps spoons, spatulas and ladles from sliding
Wide bowl provides ample space for resting spoons while also containing any food still left on utensils