Fuel Fruit Container 350ml

350ml Fuel Fruit Container in tropical blue. Packed with a handy basket and leak-proof lid, this practical container is perfect for bringing your freshly picked berries to work. And when you’re feeling like eating something sweet, you can even use the versatile container to pack your favourite muffin and reheat in the microwave for a much enjoyable treat.
Key Features:
Comes with a handy basket to easily rinse and drain your fruits before eating
Has a leak-proof screw lid to ensure a spill-free lunch bag or desk when toppled down
Perfect for packing small fruits like berries, a whole apple or orange
Equipped with measurement etchings on the side for convenient portion control
Can also be used to strain seeds when squeezing citrus flavours into your drinks or food
Pack healthy and filling snacks with other containers from Fuel

Colour Tropical Blue

Shipping 1 x Fuel Fruit Container 350ml