Fondant Cake Smoother

Mondo icing fondant smoother with a curve top. Easily smooth top, edges and sides.

Measures approximately 15.8cm long x 8.25cm wide.

When covering your cakes with fondant, sugar paste or marzipan, these smoothers give the smooth finish a professional demands.


How to use:

1. Cover your cake with fondant or marzipan – should be 4mm tick.

2. Begin polishing the fondant or marzipan using the smoother in a circular and downward motion removing blemishes and wrinkles.

3. For best results, use two smoothers at the same time. One smoother to do the polishing and smoothing and the second smoother to hold the cake in place.

4. When smoothing the top of the cake, use the smoother in a circular motion from the inside to the outside.

Next smooth the sides in even downward motions until wrinkles and blemishes are gone.

Shipping 1 x Fondant Cake Smoother