Ezivac Vacuum Seal Bags 30cm x 40cm 50 Pack

30cm x 40cm Bags – 50 Pack

EziVac 20cm x 30cm bags are great for vacuum packing a range of goods.
Revolutionise the way in which you buy & store your food!
Greatly extend the life of your food
Perfect for dehydrated goods and fresh food!
Extends the shelf life of your product by up to 5 times.
Vacuum pack in minutes.

Perfect for Backpackers, hikers and camping trips!
Food grade polyethylene, polyamide layered construction with anti UV filter. Guaranteed to be safe for use when packaging food products.

CONTAINS NO BPA. Can be boiled or microwaved.

Ezivac Unit Vacuum Packing Machine sold separately

Shipping 1 x pack 50 – 30x50cm