This stylish dish draining mat provides a soft rubber surface for draining a variety of cups, glasses and bowls, and is perfect for creating extra drying space when required.

The folks at Joseph Joseph must stay up late every night, dreaming of a world where things just work, where technology is effortless (yes, even the humble wooden spoon) and your kitchen stays as pristine as possible. In their latest imaginative haze, they’ve thought up a way to revolutionise cooking while keeping your kitchen orderly – it’s the Joseph Joseph Flume Folding Draining Mat

Suffer from damp dishes no longer with Flume – it’ll keep your kitchen tidy and dishes dry. This stylish, draining mat has a unique rib design that will direct the water to the centre. Made from soft, flexible rubber, it folds easily allowing water to be accurately poured away, and if there’s no sink nearby, it’ll simply capture the water to pour away later. Finally…someone who understands you, and your needs.Flume Folding Draining Mat features:Designed in the UK.
Rubber service protects your crockery and glassware.Folding design makes draining easy.

The unique rib design channels water away from dishes, so they dry quickly.

Colour: Grey.Dimensions: 41.5 cm (l) x 31.5 cm (w) Colour Grey