Cakeframe Starter Kit

The Cake Frame Kits contains a series of tools and plate to create Gravity defying Cakes easily. The Kit includes a 30 page instruction booklet.


CakeFrame addresses the age-old issue of creating large, novelty, or multi-tiered cakes with a food-safe support system. Previously, cake decorators resorted to using whatever materials were on hand to give their creations stability; one example of this is drilling holes into wooden boards – often MDF – and then gluing metal plumbing piping to this, but materials such as this are not designed for this use in mind! CakeFrame resolves this issue by being the world’s first food-grade support system for cakes!

Consisting of various parts to help you along your way, from base boards, to attaching rods and joints, with CakeFrame you’ll be able to finally unleash your creativity without having to worry about stability! The pieces are all compatible with each other, and will interlink at 180°, 90° and 45° angles, allowing you to create larger cakes quickly and confidently, as the pieces will fix together securely with no movement or wobble at all. CakeFrame’s hexagonal pieces are durable enough to be used time and time again, and are dishwasher safe, meaning that when you’ve saved precious hours in creating your novelty cakes, you can then wash your CakeFrame and store it away until your next cake venture!

With CakeFrame, you’ll create larger, gravity-defying, or inverted designs that were previously impossible!

Whats in the Box?

This starter kit includes the following:

1 x 10″ Round Base Board

1 x 6″ Round Platform

1 x 4″ Round Platform

2 x Single Angled Joint

2 x Elbow Joint

6 x Connector

12 x Baking Cap

4 x Collar

2 x Lock Nut

4 x 10cm Long Rod

2 x 5cm Medium Rod

2 x 2.5cm Small Rod

1 x Long Foundation

1 x Short Foundation

2 x Collared Adaptor

2 x Plain Adaptor

Shipping 1 x Cakeframe Starter Kit