BlackMilk Candle 200g 40hr Marshmallow

The 40hr Classic Collection, is the staple in our range. Poured into a clear glass vessel, finished with our trademark label and black lid. They come presented in a white box.

BLACK MILK’s creamy white, natural candles are individually hand poured with 100% pure Soy Wax, surrounding a lead-free, all cotton wick. The candles burn with a neat, clean flame, no soot or black stains and as soy wax is water soluble, spills can be wiped up with soap and water.
A warm sensual earth fragrance with a top note twist of orange peel zest. Soothing, calming and refreshing!

Blends of rose petals, white jasmine, vanilla and musk create the delicious, sweet powder scent of pink marshmallow!

Shipping 1 x BlackMilk Candle 200g 40hr Marshmallow