Avanti Milk Frother

INSTRUCTIONS: Pour cold milk into glass beaker up to indicator line.Place glass beaker in the microwave for approximately 30-45 seconds. Time may vary depending on the microwave. Never place the lid in the microwave. Position glass beaker on coaster, place plunger assembly into beaker and pump up and down until desired froth texture is achieved (minimum of 20 times).Tap glass beaker lightly on coaster 3 or 4 times and let froth settle for a few seconds. Scoop out desired quantity of froth with spoon. Add a sprinkle of cocoa, cinnamon or nutmeg on top and there you have it, the professional finish to your cappuccino, latte or hot chocolate.


Milk warmed on the stove can be used in lieu of microwave. Only warm the milk, do not boil. Do not place glass beaker on heating element or over flame. Do not place metal or rubber parts in microwave. Frother can be used with unheated milk for cold beverages.


To dismantle appliance for cleaning, grip separator assembly with one hand and unscrew plunger shaft counter-clockwise with your free hand. Wash components in warm water using mild detergent and a soft sponge. Steel brushes or harsh cleaners should not be used to clean the appliance as they could damage the glass and chrome. After cleaning, reassemble separator components ensuring that the flared edge of the mesh faces upwards towards the lid. The glass beaker is top shelf dishwasher safe.