Scrub Mommy

It is possible to make washing up fun when you have the smiling yellow face of the original Scrub Mommy to help you. This Shark Tank US sensation may have a funny face but it has a solid reputation when it comes to scratch-free cleaning of a variety of household surfaces, from your cookware to your leather goods to your car paint. The foam changes texture based on water temperature so you can use the Scrub Mommy for light cleaning or tough scrubbing, in or outside the home. It is America's favourite sponge for a reason, and will surely be yours too.

Key Features:

Made from an exclusive material called FlexTexture which is firm in cold water and soft in warm water and will not hold odours for up to two months

Tested not to scratch over a dozen surfaces including aluminium, cast iron, ceramic, chrome, copper, crystal, glass, enamel, porcelain, stainless steel, plastic, and non-stick

Removes stains with water alone, minimising use of harsh cleaning chemicals

Use the eyes as finger holds and the mouth to clean both sides of utensils

Versatile enough for a variety of cleaning needs, including exfoliating your hands using the soft texture

Keep one in your kitchen, laundry, bathroom, toilet, and garage


Construction Latex and BPA-free polymer foam

Microwave safe Yes, up to 1 minute

Colour Pink

Cleaning and care Rinse thoroughly and dry after use

Sanitise on top shelf of dishwasher or in the microwave

Origin USA

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